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ky0RKNDmT ohodnotil restauraci Motel ARKUS (EIDK Trade Agency spol. s r. o.)10.11.2013
Kvalita jídla:0 - nehodnoceno
Velikost porce:4 - 4
Kvalita nápojů:4 - 4
Obsluha - ochota:4 - 4
Rychlost:3 - 3
Atmosféra / prostředí:4 - 4
Ceny:5 - 5
Celkový dojem:5 - 5
Komentář:Good evening, David.So I reveewid all the Corvette having raced at Le Mans between 1968 and 1975 and who ran the hands of Greder and JC Aubriet who had recovered the first Corvette Henry.In 1968 and 1969, the red Corvette (Greder-Maglioli Grant No. 3 and No. 4-Giorgi and Greder-in Wisell 69) Filipinetti are coup s.In 1970, USA Greder retrieves a Corvette hardtop (yellow vinyl roof # 2) he shares with JP Rouget. His ex-Filipinetti painted white and black, the colors of the team Greder, naturally remains a coup . It appears in the Tour de France Auto 1969 and Le Mans 1970 (No. 1 in a black circle), it is controlled by Aubriet-Bourdon.A Mans from 1972 until 1974 and included JC Aubriet and Depnic will drive the Corvette coup (the light blue metallic and mat black hood No. 1 and No. 71, then No. 69 with rocker orange). Then, at Le Mans in 1975, Aubriet Depnic leave on a BMW 3.0CSL.Henry, he associated with MC Beaumont from 1971 until 1974, every time align hardtop if I see: in 1971, the red and white No. 2, at 72 the blue and white No. 29, in 1973 the new red and white No. 30, in 1974 dark blue metal First National City, No. 51. In 1975, the First National City is still there, this time associated with Greder, Cudini.In total, for me, will Greder driven (at Le Mans and the 24 hours ) a Corvette coup s in 1968 and 1969 it is the same car. All other times 70 to 75, he had a hard-top.JC Aubriet about having bought Greder coup repainted red with white and black, Greder team, he will drive always coup (s) between 1970 and 1974. I do not know if it was always the same chassis, knowing that the car had been in an accident at Le Mans in 1970.Thats it. The Vitesse would therefore false, at least for Henry, for reproductions of coup s Filipinetti 3 and 4. You confirm? Cordially, Christian (France)


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